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Boral Resources makes fly ash available

The fly ash was produced by a coal-fuelled generating station in the 1980s and 1990s, with the material stored in a covered dry stack on a 30-acre site.

CEMEX supplies concrete for L’Arbre Blanc

CEMEX has supplied concrete, including special mixes of hyper-fluid and high-strength concrete, for the construction of L’Arbre Blanc in Montpellier, France.

VABM hosts alternative fuels symposium

The Vietnam Association for Building Materials has hosted a Loesche Group seminar on processing alternative fuels in the cement industry.


Kenneth Siegel appointed to B&W board

President of Diamond Resorts International, Kenneth Siegel, has been appointed to the board of troubled US manufacturer, Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises.


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Quinn Cement launches new cement range in Ireland

The new range has been tailored to cater for individual applications, with each product boasting properties suited to different purposes, which will appeal to a wider variety of tradesmen.


CEMEX supplies cement to Assiut barrage project in Egypt

The company acted as the main cement supplier to the project, which is expected to provide irrigation water for 690 000 hectares of agricultural land as well as water and renewable energy to a number of cities.


Bricking Solutions introduces Kiln Access Ramps

Kiln Access Ramps from Bricking Solutions are made of T6 aircraft aluminum that is as strong as steel but half the weight and supports up to 6804 kg of equipment. A 3 to 1 safety factor offers greater strength and durability.


Buzzi enters Brazilian cement market

Buzzi Unicem is to acquire a 50% stake in BCPAR, which owns two cement plants in Brazil, in the company’s first foray into Latin America’s largest economy.



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